LASSO; the Linguistic association of the southwest

The Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO) is a linguistics association in the United States whose purpose is the advancement of the scientific study of language. While many of our members study the languages of the southwestern United States, LASSO has an international focus; it draws its membership and includes linguistic scholarship from any language and any region in the world.

LASSO sponsors an annual meeting, the International Journal of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest, and a newsletter.


The LASSO annual meeting is distributed across the LASSO area, from Louisiana to the Pacific Coast. The 47th annual conference will be held in Aspen Grove, UT, October 11-13, 2018. LASSO XLVI was held at New Mexico State University in fall 2017. Proposals for future venues are welcome. Meetings may be held at a hotel or on a university campus, though the latter is preferred to make the meeting as accessible as possible to local faculty and students. A set of guidelines for local arrangements committees provides detailed information on expectations and requirements. Contact Daniel Villa to have a copy sent to you.


The International Journal of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest(IJLASSO) is the journal of LASSO. Membership in LASSO automatically includes a subscription to IJLASSO.


The LASSO Newsletter includes announcements regarding LASSO members and linguistics activities within the Southwest region. The Newsletter is issued twice a year, in February and August. News items of regional interest should be sent to Daniel Villa.


Annual membership dues are US$40.00 for individuals (or US$25.00 for students, retired persons, and those not employed) and US$65.00 for libraries and institutions. Lifetime memberships are US$450.00. Click HERE for a PDF of the membership form. To pay dues or for additional information, contact the executive director, Daniel Villa.

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